Blood Pheasant


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Full album release date: December 7, 2010


released December 7, 2010

All tracks written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jess Gabriell Cron
All instruments, vocals, and arrangements by Jess Gabriell Cron



all rights reserved


FEASTofFETUS Los Angeles, California

FEASTofFETUS is an Artrock/ Vaudcore (hardcore-vaudeville) band from Los Angeles, CA.

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Track Name: The Empty Skin
as the bones disintegrate
the blood escapes the sleeping veins
a dog’s bark will reveal the place
where the pile of epidermis lays

the empty skin
flesh unlived-in
the empty skin
hollowed from within

hung upside down
and then gutted out
all that’s inside
spills to the ground
from that dangling hide
everything comes pouring out

a visit to the taxidermist
who wears intestines like a necklace
with a heart as a palpitating pendant
circulation cut off at the wrist

capillaries are exploding
the nerves are all abandoning
a thousand tongues could be licking
and it wouldn’t feel a single thing

went back to the taxidermist
who made a suit of leather from the skin
i tried it on and it was just the right fit
he said “this is what you needed now wasn’t it?”
Track Name: Metamorphosis: i: A Thousand Mouths ii: The Phoenix and the Tempest iii: Crown of Stars
he wore a lamp shade for a hat
a cat in a knapsack on his back
paid no attention to this or that
or the walls of mouths that they walked past

a thousand lips moving but no sound coming out

or maybe just a muffled moan
like a quiet radio with the treble turned low
though he could hear his cat speak
like all animals do on christmas eve

“feel free to use me. i’ll be whatever you need”

when they came upon an ocean
kitty turned into a boat
they sailed along the the sea
toward the land of honalee

but then the clouds rolled in

and then it got dark
the waves were getting large
they saw the lightning start
the sky was split apart

and then the skies opened

torrential downpour
freezing to the core
they heard the thunder roar
it struck like mighty thor

the cat said “i’ll turn into a bird
then we will fly over these clouds
i won’t stop ‘til we can see the stars”
and then the transformation started

glow red, fire fed, wings spread
the cat became a phoenix slicing through the tempest

then the stars shone above
and then a solar flare ignited all his hair
“well isn’t that funny?
i finally got a use for this lamp shade”
Track Name: Cornucopia: The Milk of Amalthea
mother goat
with weaning kids
that cherish the milk
sucked from your nips

soon they’ll grow
and then, oh, what will you feed them with?

mother goat
your kids grow old
you fear they’ll go
and leave you alone.

there must be a way
to make them stay and never wander far from home.

mother goat
with hoof on rock
ascend to the top
of your mountain home

to consult the sky
those who rule on high will know just what to do

mother goat
crack off your horn
into which will pour
a divine liquor

for when they drink of this
they wont forget it was you they got it from
Track Name: The Day After the Day I Made Wishes
there’s something i haven’t told you
i want to behold you
silhouette in the dim light
to have this wish i wish tonight

the way your mouth keeps moving
i whisper to secret stars

do i think that they are listening?

transfixion asphyxiating
how i wonder what you are

first star i see in the sky
the fountain steals my shiny dimes
the large half of a broken bone
the candles on my cake are blown
one, one, one, one, was the time
blow the eyelash from my eye
disappointed every time
why wont they grant this wish of mine?

here on my back
too scared to stand
i pray for a meteor shower

instead of trying, i’m relying on
pinpricks of hope in the blackness of
the unknown to bring the one true love
to this rueful, clipped-wing turtle dove

make a wish, that’s all i do
i sit and hope that it comes true
Track Name: Sacred Vase
the radiance of a thousand suns
had burst at once into the sky
to melt the desert beneath my feet
and form the vase where your stem would drink

and as you sat up in your throne of glass
your life prolonged as the years passed
exalted by my ritual mass
a rose whose beauty couldn’t last

a cut flower that has opened so wide
has nothing left to do but die
the petals drop like blood red rain
until not a one of them remains

too close to the edge of the pedestal
oppenheimer’s child made it finally fall
reduced to sand, smashed upon the floor
i’m not writing songs about you anymore

straighten knees
bent so long
and relief
Track Name: Newborn God (Radiance/Vehemence)
this world has waited for me
the prophesied adversary
destroyer of all things rigid
the warmer of all things frigid

and soon it will be mine

awakening divinity
inside of this mortal body
creator of my destiny
genuflect on a bended knee

the sun’s radiant shine

sky opens wide
clouds avoid my great height
come and greet this new king
and venerate on bended knee

i begin my fated conquest
with the powers that i have been blessed
i hunt the bird queen back to her nest
to wring her neck and smash all her eggs

my golden crown is made from
her plucked feathers and rays from the sun
now nothing can stand in the way
of my lifelong eminent reign

now sleep
bird queen
embrace defeat
now i’m king
Track Name: A Pine Clearing
pine needle bed
i’ll rest my head
in the cradle of the breaking boughs
a blanket of fog rolls in and surrounds

sights changed, sounds changed by the dark of your love.

moon lights our night
you by my side
in the shadow of the tallest tree
whispering yourself to me.

sights changed, sounds changed by the dark of your love.

we’re safe for a time
just you and me dear
who in their right mind
would want to leave here?
but there’s so much outside
i want to get lost there
who in their right mind
would want to stay here?

all the trees must know our names
they bleed from the hearts that you've made
i hope you brought some bread crumbs today
because i think we've have lost our way

you want to tangle roots with me
and pray that we stay evergreen
but you see i'm a different kind of tree
a winter chill can come along and kill my leaves