Animals in Falsetto


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released July 30, 2013



all rights reserved


FEASTofFETUS Los Angeles, California

FEASTofFETUS is an Artrock/ Vaudcore (hardcore-vaudeville) band from Los Angeles, CA.

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Track Name: Random Axe of Kindness
There's nothing like a hatchet blade
To cut down bushes in the way
So they don't snag the dresses of young ladies

There's nothing like a hefty axe
To chop up firewood into stacks
And heat the happy homes of our young ladies

There's nothing like a burly dude
Who goes out hunting for the food
That will grace the hungry plates of us young ladies

There's nothing like a chivalrous man
To take us gently by the hand
Throw his jacket in the mud for us young ladies

Random axe of kindness

Chop, chop!

Do whatever she says
Do whatever she wants

An axe to grind
A wife to find
A worthy prize
For worthy guys
Pretending to be kind

The grand pursuit
Will now ensue
While tending to
A hatchet wound
Pretending to be kind

We are so kind

What a man!
Oh, what a man!
Track Name: Cat Mascara
She wears
Cat mascara
It makes her scarier
She knows
Just how to pick them
Her unsuspecting victims

She purrs
When you touch her
She comes
When you fuck her
She wants
You to want her
While she pounces on another

Save us nice mice from her

Her love
Is pretension
She's starved
For affection
She feeds
On attention
And does anything to get it

I love
My little kitty
But it
Is such a pity
That she
Is just too pretty
To be anyone's one and only

We'll die making her purr

She bats eyeliner eyelids
And deals a hundred lashes
Upon my back tonight
From her lion eyes

She lies on her back
She lies about a lot

She bats eyeliner eyelids
And deals a hundred lashes
Upon my back tonight
From her lion eyes
Now I have to do
What she wants me to
Track Name: Sanguine Twin
My brother and I set out into the night laden with our gear
Anticipation of the hunt carved our smiles from ear to ear
I saw my brothers face drenched white when the moon appeared
A jack o' lantern of shadow and light, like staring into a mirror

He's so like me
The thought of it makes me swoon
He thinks like me
Our minds are just so in tune
Our prey's waiting
On this night of the sanguine moon
By the light of the hunter's moon

Oh, joyous us
We live for the hunt
The thrill of the kill
Brothers in bloodlust
To slit a warm throat
To watch it spill
Carcasses to gut
Meat to cut
To eat our fill
Oh, joyous us
We live for the hunt
The thrill of the kill

You're no stranger
Sanguine twin
Let's kill somethin'

Do you have your gun with you?
Yes i do
And i see you have yours too
Fishing line and the hooks and harpoons

Sharpened knives and bows and arrows
Pots and pans for cooking food
Our oilskins are waterproof
The tent and sleeping bags are too

Sextant, compass and the maps
Snares and nets and the bear traps
Encumbered with our heavy packs
Got all we need upon our backs

We'll kill at will, it's as we must
We'll tear their flesh, we'll drink their blood
We'll return with furs and tusks
These creatures are no match for us

We'll thank the moon
For its red hue
And bathing us in its light

We'll tell the stars
They will be ours
Twinkling in dead eyes
Track Name: Tastings
Bear bear
Not a care
Cut his hide
Skin his hair

Chop the meat
Break the bone
Take the rest
Bring it home

Laugh it off
Your bloody shoes
What's a life
If not to lose

Mr Fox 
In a box
Orange vest
Orange socks

Lying there
Dead as nails
Round him whisper
Filthy tales

Laugh it off
Your dusty shoes
What's a life 
If not to lose?

Don't you fret now
I only want a taste
We can't let all that 
Go to waste

Little boy
With his toy
See it gleam
See his joy

Stick it in
Pull it out
Hear the scream
Hear the shout

Put it on
Your empty plate
What's a life
If not to take?

Don't you fret now
I only want a taste
We can't let all your
Go to waste
Track Name: Clocca Loxodonta
Thunder from every step
While he goes trampling over
The rigidness of our bones
Crushing them beneath his feet
Making our skin like his
All wrinkled, tough and sagging
Pithing us with his tusks
Stirring our brains until we die

Time can heal all wounds
But also create new ones
An elephant never forgets
You'll remember all your regrets
Track Name: Bunk Beds
We entered into the forest
With our path laid out before us
Our destination locked in
On a quaint and rustic cabin

See the massive pine trees?
This cabin here is made of these
Let us go inside here
And get warm by the fire

This will do us both good
To get some rest and burn wood

We climbed into the bunk beds
Where we could lay our weary heads
The rain outside was pouring
Soon, both of us were snoring

The roof above was leaking
It came down from the ceiling
His head was soaked by dripping
While dreaming dreams of drowning things

He was on the top bunk
His head got wet and his dreamboat sunk
But I was on the bottom bunk
Keeping dry the thoughts I thunk
Track Name: Salmon of Knowledge
The river's flowing
And I am rowing
The wind is blowing
Where are we going?

A thousand fishes
Their scales all glisten
I reach my hand in
To touch the salmon

Ambitious fishes
Their only wish is
To meet their ladies
And spawn their babies

But not the sockeye
That is the most wise
Lives in deep water
Where it is calmer

I hear a shout
Come from the bow
I turn around
To find the sound

The river's roaring
The rain is pouring
The water's hissing
I try to listen

My brother stands
His spear in hand
Its tip is glinting
And I am squinting

He's yelling something
The fish are jumping
He's yelling something:
"Here comes the big one!"

Swim against the current
If there's wisdom, learn it

Feast or famine
Bite that salmon!

I dive in
But my brother's hesitating
To grab that fish by the fin
Feel my teeth sinking in
The blood that seeps from its skin


I wipe my mouth and tell my brother it got away
Track Name: Qualm Psunday
He hates me

He chases me all through the night
His intent to start a fight
The fire burns behind his eyes
He yearns to posses what is mine

"Give it, give it to me!"

He comes at me with donkey jaw
And jealousy of what I saw
But he should know that he's the fool
The fool will always lose the duel

Be attentive
Ah, men

We'll circle around
'Til one of us falls down
He looks a bit dismayed
When he sees my blade

His dash won't be forgot
But Samson he is not
I thrust with skill and art
And stab him through his heart
Track Name: Leavings
Naked on the forest floor
Covered in dead leaves
So much less than I was before
A song without harmonies

Octobers fire blinding light
Novembers ashes fall
Only now the dark of night
Forgotten by them all

Feelings are failures
Memories strangers
Of the evenings
And time is the reaper's smile

La lala la la
Lala la la
Lala la la la la la

The moon she sings to me
Of all the things I'll never be
Track Name: The Gilded Narwhal
I wake on sand
So cold and damp
I hear the sea
He lays near me
He made his bed
Red sand where he bled
Along this shore
He breathes no more

The sky is so grey
On this beautiful day
I make my way
Through a salted ocean haze
The fog is so thick
I follow the sound of the tide
I watch the mist
Swallow him up behind

When finally I reach the sea
The tide is ebbing lazily
The whales that gather seem to mourn
Their empty mouths, their tooth head-horn
Bringing fragments on their backs
From ruined civilizations past
That lie along the ocean floor
They pile the bricks along the shore

A whale now carries me
It takes me down so deep
I see the Narwhal King
He's come to swallow me

Down and down and down into the belly
I drown I drown I drown in golden fluid
I'm a lump of coal a lump of coal I burn his innards
The whale the whale the whale the whale he breaches
The sea the sea the sea the sea it rages
I erode erode erode in effervescence

Twinkle little diamond child
Sloughed off soot with golden bile
Glinting in the rays of sun
Held out on the narwhal's tongue
Go and be just what you are
Ablaze to earth, Wormwood the star
Crystal bullet, lovely son
Shot from an anointed gun

Spit out from the mouth of The Great Narwhal

Poachers would chop our horns
And sell them off as a unicorn's
We are not creatures wrapped in myth
We really fucking do exist
Track Name: Animals in Falsetto
Our heads all line the walls
From here we've seen it all
How she wanders the halls
With eyes like waterfalls

Now he's not coming home
Oh woe, she's all alone
Lesser men can never own
Trophies of flesh and bone

Ooh, boo hoo hoo

Bloodied fur now white and clean
You should see what we have seen
Girl, don't give another thought
Soon again you will be caught

Hunters, they come and go
Seeking their game to show
The spring follows the snow
And all the rest will know

So there's no need to cry
Tomorrow's eyes are dry
There'll be another guy
Just scream when you die

Taxedermia expression
Makes a much better impression
Reptile tears that fall and glisten
We're the ones who always listen